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Amusement place ... of refined adult

The sophisticated and fashionable CLUB


 Refined gorgeous, luxury space.

Higher-grade club & disco of adults who got used to playing.

Legend of MAHARAJA which served as long-awaited, opening newly in 2010

Mixed style of club & disco.

We suggest new play-style of adults enjoying time smartly in after.

Top DJ of latest sound system and club disco,

VIP rooms partitioned off by crystal curtain create attractive space.

In club disco "MAHARAJA" which anyone can enjoy in peace

Please enjoy special space to the full.

Generic name of high-quality disco chain store where maharaja (MAHARAJA) unfolded in all over Japan for the from 1980s to 1990s.

The history

August, 1982: We open the maharaja first shop in Osaka Minami, and the north presents the south throughout Japan to Kyushu, Okinawa from Sapporo.

December, 1984: We win popularity as "Azabujuban maharaja" is called social phenomenon as the seventh store store.

Develop dozens of stores afterwards in the whole country in the golden age; May, 1989: We open store in Honolulu in Hawaii.

We take down curtain with bubble burst once for history of maharaja and achieve revival opening after the 21st century began.

November, 2010: "Maharaja Roppongi" opening.

April, 2014: "Maharaja Osaka" opening.

November, 2016: "Maharaja Nagoya" opening.

March, 2017: "Maharaja Minami" opening.

September, 2017: "Maharaja Gion" opening.

October, 2017: "Maharaja Sendai" is going to open.

Culture that maharaja brought about.

●Entering a shop check

Allegiance test system of fear that label that person who was not able to enter in system that only visitor whom the shop side including clothes and style OK'd put in the shop was uncool was put on opened from here. Category called checkered disco was established commonly. However, a feeling of discrimination to be free pass occurs of foreign model and entertainer, and dissatisfaction appeared, too, but naturally comes to be thought now.



Manners and customs that girl rose one step to expensive stand and danced of edge of dance floor occurred from maharaja. When this is Nagoya maharaja, and there was party, it is hint, and what people who became high get on on the speaker of floor and have begun to dance appears as exclusive rostrum at the time of Tokyo maharaja opening. It infiltrated other discos.


●Black clothes to laugh at

As for the employee of previous disco, nihilistic existence and market price were fixed at the corner of the eye like cool in visitors who appeared. We exchanged violent arm thrusts, and the first impression was witty. However, dance ruwade, end acted as go-between in relation between visitors with amiability haiiwa smile of uniform employees separated by color according to rank (black clothes first erai) in maharajas and reminded visitor of, anyway, disco having been service industry. These;, as for top and the black clothes which did, it was wonder boy in Masaru Narita of Tokyo maharaja, president probably because bought, and Narita carried out even record debut as singer.