We accept application with MAHARAJA store, WEB form.
※Please order the enrollment at store to the front desk or the staff.
Form input → The transmission (confirmation screen) → The transmission (completion)
※Please confirm Seki shiteoogo for personal information of "MEMBERS CARD" registration at the time of registration.
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About privacy policy
Full name
The date of birth (e.g.,: 19810101)
Phone number - -
E-Mail address
E-mail address (for confirmation)
Zip code 〒  -
The metropolis and districts
Municipalities - address
Building name
E-mail magazine, DM
I send e-mail magazine, DM to person who had you enroll in MAHARAJA member's card.
・It becomes enrollment costs, annual convention costs for free.
・About handing over of card, I send by mail.
①We send advantageous information including event
We send event information in E-mail and DM.
②Invitation case card
"MEMBERS CARD" has function as invitation case card, and entrance rate discounts in particular.

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