In MAHARAJA (called [we] as follows), we establish rule about the handling of information (called [personal information] as follows) about visitor individual and try for appropriate protection of personal information.

About collection of personal information

We collect personal information after having told about contact of the collection purpose, information change and deletion when we collect personal information from visitor as far as it is necessary.

About the use of personal information

We use personal information of visitor within the collection purpose. We disclose personal information to third party without consent of visitor and may not provide.
But we may announce by contents when there is request in form more official than public institution including the police.

About protection of personal information

We take measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, manipulation or leak to personal information of visitor.

About offer of personal information

When we consign handling of personal information to the outside, we carry out imposition, appropriate management by contract not to perform leak and re-offer.

About protection activity of personal information

We observe laws and ordinances, model applied about personal information that we hold and maintain approach in each clause mentioned above and protection activity and will be improved.

About use purpose of personal information

We use personal information of visitor in the following purposes in us.
・Delivery of e-mail magazine about us
・Our event to host
・Guidance of our site info to run
・Analysis for the purpose of our service improvement
There are not using personal information in other purpose and thing that we transfer personal information without permission and lend to of visitor at all.

About deletion of personal information

When you do not hope for event, guidance email, you handle in URL for delivery stop listed in delivered email, or please reply to address ( for delivery stop by sky email. We delete personal information quickly.

About the use of cookies (Cookie)

Cookies mean small data sent to browser of visitor by Web server. This has thing stored away as file by disk of visitor. Web server can distinguish computer of visitor by referring to cookies, but visitor can in this way use our site effectively. As you do not do the use of cookies information at all to identify visitor individual in our site, you can use in peace.

About the acquisition of access log

In our site, we record terminal information of user as access log. Domain name and IP address of accessed one, kind of browser using, the access date and time are included in access log, but do not include information that can usually identify individual. These access log is utilized for statistical analysis about maintenance management and the use situation of website, but may not be used in other purpose.

About online advertisement of our site

In Japanese city production, advertisement delivered by third party including Yahoo Japan Corporation may be placed, and, in conjunction with this, the third party concerned acquires cookies information of user who visited Japan city production and may use.

Cookies information acquired by the third party concerned is dealt with according to privacy policy of the third party concerned.
User accesses opto-out page established in website of the third party concerned and can stop the use to advertisement delivery such as cookies information by the third party concerned.
When cookies used web page, they are structure saving usage history or input content that we transmitted and received between browser and server as file to computer of visitor.
Using information of cookies, operator of page can change indication to every visitor when we access the same page on the next time. When visitor admits transmission and reception of cookies by setting of browser, website can acquire cookies from browser of user.

In addition, browser of visitor transmits only cookies which server of the website transmitted and received for privacy protection.
Visitor "admits all cookies" by setting about transmission and reception of cookies can choose "we refuse all cookies" among "we notify user if we receive cookies".
Setting method varies according to browser. Please confirm setting method about cookies by "help" of browser of errand menu.
When setting to refuse all cookies is chosen, service that the certification needs is not received, and, in the use of various services in the Internet, please be careful as you may have limitation.

Advertisement of our site is placed in various sites in the Internet by third party delivery company including Google. Third party delivery company including Google delivers advertisement based on past access information to our site using Cookie. Visitor accesses opto-out page of Google advertisement and can invalidate use of Cookie by Google (or we access opto-out page of Network Advertising Initiative and can invalidate use of Cookie by third party delivery company).

Please refer to this for the Google re-marketing privacy policy details.


This privacy policy is policy of our website. We do not take responsibility for website of other companies linked to by us. Please confirm privacy policy of each website.
To plan improvement of personal information protection of visitor in us or may change this privacy policy with establishment or change of laws and ordinances. We decide to announce change in our website and should be issuance at the time of notice.


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