Small parties in PARTY PLAN sales

It is available between friends by VIP room reservations during maharaja business.

Number of people: 10 to 60 persons

HALL RENTAL reservations party

It is available by complete reservations in various parties.

Number of people: 50 to 300 persons



Seating capacity 300 (standing)
120 taking a seat
VIP room Three places
BAR kauunta One place
Rostrum Two places
Area 264㎡
Studding 3.3m


It is open as club disco for adult.
It is shop which anyone can enjoy in peace even if we have not been to club and disco.
Welcome to space that is luxury adult!

  • Anyone prepares for VIP ROOM available depending on atmosphere, use three rooms.
  • CHAMPAGNE ROOM which can taste a sense of reality of disco
  • GOLD VIP ROOM which can spend significant time
  • PLATINUM VIP ROOM of calm atmosphere
  • Please give me voice cliff to feel free to contact on the VIP use.


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