Rental space [advantageous pack plan]


≪Of space rental
Advantageous pack plan≫

Rental pack plan


・It is four hours between ⇒ from 11:00 to 18:00 until lunch pack (100,000 yen) << with ... perfection withdrawal≫


・Until late-night pack (150,000 yen) << with ... perfection withdrawal ⇒ weekdays from 24:00 to 5:00 (five hours)≫


・It is ten hours between ⇒ from 6:00 to 18:00 until long pack (200,000 yen) << with ... perfection withdrawal≫


≪Thing >> meeting place costs included in pack plan rate, lighting, sound, PA charge, one staff


≪Option which there is an extra charge for≫


・Person from staff one hour 20,000 yen /1


・Drink 500 yen /1 cup


・All-you-can-drink two hours 200,000 yen /100 name state


(please talk about meal and DJ, other options including dancer over telephone)


※In the case of attention 1 >> use out of the above agreement, it becomes base rate.


[base rate]


・Steel photography 30,000 yen / 1h 


・Movie photography (TV, movie, PV) 50,000 yen / 1h 


・DVD, monitor fee for use 20,000 yen / 1h 


・Projector fee for use 10,000 yen 


・Smoke machine fee for use 5,000 yen 


・Spot attendance charges 20,000 yen / 1h 


・Sound operator / lighting operator for each 20,000 yen


※Attention 2 >> reservation is 15 days ago of use day until three days before ...


(10% of deposit is caused)


Panorama which the shop can look around from this

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